Pioneer Trail Wild Grizzly Taming Mission Text Guide

Pioneer Trail Wild Grizzly Taming Mission

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Frontierville has just released a new Bess and Ted Mission in Pioneer Trail Wild Grizzly Taming Quest. It’s a four part and players can now perform the following task (Wrapper Mission ) Rare Sightings, Supply and Demand, The Trappings of a Plan, A Luring Cuisine and To Tame the Untamable. Among the rewards are Wooden Bear Statue and Black Bear Cubs.

Wrapper Mission: Pioneer Trail Rare Sightings


Clobber 5 Varmints

Find the Silver Owl

Catch All Three Wolf Variants


Raging Buffalo, 3000 xp, Crazier Cake


Mission 1: Pioneer Trail Supply and Demand


View ‘What Is This’ for the Bear Rock

Collect 8 Bear Nets from Friends

Harvest 40 Passion Flowers


Durable Hammer, 5 Colorado Pinyons, 600 Ted’s Affection


Mission 2: Pioneer Trail The Trappings of a Plan


Collect 8 Trap Blueprints from Friends

Harvest 40 Sieve Stations

Complete Building the Bear Trap


Wooden Bear Statue, Large Basket, 500 Ted’s Affection


Mission 3: Pioneer Trail A Luring Cuisine


Collect 15 Small Mushrooms

Collect 30 Plump Huckleberries

Finish Setting the Lure for the Bear Trap


Safety Gloves, 3 Crops Whisperer Book, 500 Ted’s Affection


Mission 4: Pioneer Trail To Tame the Untamable


Collect 10 Tamin’ Whips

Collect 15 Bear Collars

Tame the Grizzly in the Bear Trap


3 Black Bear Cubs, 2000 xp, 400 Ted’s Affection


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