Pioneer Trail Wildlife Preserve Quests Guide

Wildlife Preserve

Help endangered species in this week edition of Pioneer Trail Wildlife Preserve Quests. The group of Ted spotted some endangered species walking along the Gump Forest.  Also spotted a loggin operation that may harm the animals. We are going to help their group in this Pioneer Trail Quest.


Quests 1: Pioneer Trail Clear Cut and Dry


Clear 15 pieces of Debris on yer neighbor’s homesteads to get their attention!

Find 1 Endangered Animal in the Fallen Tree or Caved-In Burrow to start saving it!

Place the Wildlife Preserve to create a safe haven for the critters!


Elderberry Tree

1 Elderberry Tree, 3 Valerian, 5000 exp,

Quests 2: Pioneer Trail The Director of Destruction


Harvest 20 Red White and Blueberries to throw in Emerica’s face!

Tend any Endangered Animal 16 times to introduce it to the Wildlife Preserve.

Upgrade the Wildlife Preserve to make it more appealing to the animals.


Cave-in Burrow

2 Skunk, 1 Cave-in Burrow, 2 Pollination Boost

Quests 3: Pioneer Trail I Bought The Law


Harvest 12 Elderberry Trees to save ’em from Emerica!

Tend any Endangered Animal 32 times to teach ’em how to defend themselves!

Set up defenses in the Wildlife Preserve to stop the logging!


Minihorse Runt

1 Minihorse Runt, 1 Sixshooter, 1 Caretaker Boost

Quests 4: Pioneer Trail Animal Assault


Harvest 60 Scarlet Wisteria to serve as the symbol of our resistance!

Tend any Endangered Animal 48 times to get them in fightin’ shape!

Prepare the animals in the Wildlife Preserve for an offensive defense.


Warehouse Storage +1

Warehouse Storage +1, ! Animal Vaccine Boosts, 1 Phenomenone Boost



Special Quests: Critter Catalog

Tend any award-winning Endangered Animal 4 times to get a feel for their numbers!

Tend the Guerilla Gorilla, he’ll be helpful in protecting the forest!

Tend the Snow Leopard, ain’t they cute?


+3 Gallery Storage, 1 Dream Boosts, 3 Animal Edibles



Special Quests: Parks and Rep

Harvest 2000 Bluebells to bring attention to our lovely park!

Harvest 30 Buddleia, the Endangered Animals love it!

Craft 12 National Park Signs to set up around the Preserve!


Frontier National Park Sign

100 Gold Dust, 1 Frontier National Park Sign, Flowery Ground Tile

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