PSN Top Downloadable Games

Tired of those boxed games? why not try some of the top downloadable games in Play Station Network. Here are some list of best PS 3 games that are available for downloads that you might find fun and challenging.




Solve mysteries by stacking and unstacking Russian doll, each dolls have a unique talent and abilities which can aid you on solving a puzzle or a challenge. One will progress through the game and gain access to a new level by solving puzzles and taking on various challenges. In Stacking the Game, players can get hints and clues by talking to nearby dolls. Utilize the different combination of special talents to find solutions and advance in the game. Challenges can be solved multiple ways.

Genre: Adventure, Puzzle Release Date: 02.08.2011
Publisher: THQ Players: 1
Platform: PS3 Max Online Players: 1




Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light


The first ever downloadable game and a co-op game that features the legendary sex symbol of PS Lara Croft. This version of Lara Croft game departs from the traditional behind-the-shoulder view to isometric view. But the game theme is still there treasure hunting, exploring, puzzle solving and discovery. A new feature was also introduced in the game like character progression and a coop play making it more fun and challenging.

Genre: Adventure, Action Release Date: 09.28.2010
Publisher: Square Enix Europe Players: 2
Platform: PS3





Are into puzzle game? Braid is a platform game in a painterly style where you manipulate the flow of time to solve puzzles. It is one of the most original and fresh when it comes to design and game play. Almost every puzzle that you will encounter in this will challenge your wits and be felt rewarded when you solved one.

Genre: Puzzle Release Date: 11.09.2009
Publisher: Hot Head Games Players: Single
Platform: PS3



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