The Ville Pineapple Party Prep Quest

Prepare and host a Luau Party in your crib in The Ville’s Pineapple Prep Quest. Gather up your friends and neighbors and Casey is coming over for one cool Hula Hoopla Party. On this The Ville mission you will wear a Hawaiian shirt and play the guitar in your party. So invite your neighbors to come in and enjoy the night!


The Ville Pineapple Party Prep Quest 1


Grow Herbs in Garden Plots

  • Get garden plots from the Outdoors section of the market, and then click on them to grow Herbs.

Have a Lemon Tree

  • Lemon Trees can be found in the Outdoors area of the market.

Ask Neighbors to Chip in on Casey’s Gift

  • Click on a Friend and select Chip In.


5 xp, 75 gold


The Ville Decorating Devotee Quest 2


Mow the Lawn

  • Click on a patch of grass to mow it.

Build a CookStar CharGrill

  • You can buy the CookStar CharGrill under the Crafting tab of the Productivity section of the market.

Have Tiki Torches

  • You can buy Tiki Torches under the Decorations tab of the Outdoors section of the market.


5 xp, 75 gold


The Ville Cluckin’ Cuisine Quest 3


Make a Hawaiian Sandwich

  • Click on the CookStar CharGrill and select Hawaiian Sandwich from the recipes, then click again when the food is ready.

Serve a Hawaiian Sandwich

Have a Stratomaster Deluxe

  • The Stratomaster Deluxe can be found under the Musical Instruments tab of the Entertainment section of the Market.


5 xp, 75 gold


The Ville Hula Hoopla Quest 4


Put On a Hawaiian Shirt

  • Select the Clothes Button to buy the shirt.

Call Over Neighbors to the Party

Socialize with Neighbors


5 xp, 125 gold


The Ville Luau Pals Quest 5


Use the Guitar

  • Click on the Stratomaster Deluxe and select anything from the menu.

Share Food with Friends

  • Click on food items and select “Eat Together,” then select a guest.

Give Casey her Gift

  • Click Casey and select “Give Hawaiian Tickets”.


5 xp, 75 coins

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