Unrelease Farmville 2 Chinese New Year Items

Farmville 2 will be releasing the following items soon. These items may belong to Chinese New Year Limited Edition Item Set. And you can see the preview of this items below.

Farmville 2 Chinese New Year LE


Tiger Horse (Baby, Adult and Prized)

Black Meishan Pig

Black Meishan Pig (Baby, Adult and Prized)

Jamnapari Goat

Jamnapari Goat (Baby, Adult and Prized)

Red Mongolian Cow

Red Mongolian Cow (Baby, Adult and Prized)

Chinese Bayberry Tree

Chinese Bayberry TreeĀ (Heirloom, Elder)

Chinese Elm Tree

Chinese Elm Tree (Heirloom, Elder)

Chinese Winterhazel Tree

Chinese Winterhazel Tree

Mandarin Orange Tree

Mandarin Orange Tree

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